Dance Lessons

We offer a Free Dance Lesson each week ~ with your paid admission!

Please check our schedule for the current and upcoming lessons

Welcome to assorted Free Dance “WEB” Lessons

We will attempt to include the more contemporary lessons that our Hillcrest Dance Club members tend toward.

Simply click on the Lesson Button that meets your needs!

1. This one starts off with the basic foot positions and leads. Once these are committed; you’ll be able to advance into the Foxtrot, Tango & Waltz

2. This is a multi-lesson of the Waltz: 

3. Basic West Coast Swing! The main difference between West Coast swing and East Coast Swing is you are dancing in a “slot” (straight-line); with the man moving (left or right) out of the female’s line of dance

4. The three basic steps of dance

5. American Ballroom

6. International Ballroom

7. Country Western

8. Free-styling

9. Hustle

10. American Style Rhythm/Latin

11. International Style Latin

12. Lindy Hop

13. Party Dancing

14. Salsa

15. Swing

These lessons are a work in progress and additional dances will be highlighted in the coming weeks and months.  Unfortunately some of the above sites may not be available as internet sites come and go.  We will monitor these sites, replacing those that go offline.