Club President Elaine Reed (extreme left) and VP Bill Brehm (extreme right)
with 2018 Treasurer Wendell Harris and 2018 Secretary Peggy Pearson

President Elaine Reed
Administrative Assistant
Tony Wise
Vice President Bill Brehm
 Treasurer Wendell Harris
Assistant Treasurer Sue Pedersen
 Secretary  Peggy Pearson
Committees and Chairs  
Catering Sue Pedersen
Membership Data Base John Ashton
Decorating Gerda McHugh
Membership Maria Sorce
Publicity & Advertising Julie Houston
Reception Co-chair
Lillian Deas
Reception Co-chair Sue Pedersen
Singles Coordinator Sue Thompson
Sunshine Susan Fisher
Webmaster Al Sutherland
For information on volunteer opportunities and positions contact Elaine Reed at (605) 430-5337 or email or try calling (623) 302-9249